Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council is charged with making our Parish Mission Statement come to life. It serves as a consultative body to the Pastor, assisting him in matters pertaining to both the spiritual and material welfare of the parish.

Membership on the Pastoral Council is composed of the Pastor, 9 registered lay persons selected by random drawing on Pentecost Sunday, and 5 appointed members, one from each of the Council's Standing Committees. No member of the Council shall serve for more than six (6) consecutive years.  Click here for the names and contact information for each of the current Council members.

The Pastoral Council generally meets monthly on the second Wednesday of each month. Any schedule changes are announced in the weekly bulletin. These are open meetings and anyone in the parish is welcome to attend; however, only duly elected/appointed Council members may vote.
The Standing Committees of the Pastoral Council are assigned various areas of responsibility and specific programs based on parish needs.

Standing Committees
The Standing Committees of the Pastoral Council and their purpose include:

  • Christian Service: Guides the Good Shepherd community in both understanding and in responding to Christ's call to serve those in need. Matthew 25, a subgroup of the Christian Service Committee, is the main branch of our parish outreach.
  • Education: Oversees the Christian education of our parishioners. These programs include both the youth and adult programs and the program(s) by which non-Catholics are introduced to and invited to live the Catholic faith.
  • Fundraising:  Supports existing fundraising activities by connecting the resources of the church and community to bolster Good Shepherd's ability to raise funds.

  • Parish Family Life: Responsible for organizing functions that unify all parishioners, build fellowship and inspire sharing ourselves in Christ.  The committee initiates and coordinates service & community development programs, social activities, and special events to celebrate the parish family community.
  • Prayer and Worship: Responsible for making the Spirit a part of each day for members of our faith community and for making liturgy more meaningful by making sure every essential item is on hand for worship services.

Standing Committee Membership
Each Standing Committee is composed of no less than five (5) and no more than seven (7) parish members who have expressed an interest in serving on the subcommittee. From the committee members, both a Chairperson and a Standing Committee Representative to Pastoral Council are selected. The Chairs are elected for a two-year term and may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Names of current chairpersons may be found in the Sunday Bulletin.

Standing Committees Meetings
Unless otherwise indicated in the Sunday bulletin, the Standing Committees meet regularly on the third Wednesday of each month.

Finance Council
This is an advisory body to the Pastor on matters of ordinary administration and a consenting body in matters of extraordinary administration.

Membership is set at a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 members of the parish, of good integrity, who are truly skilled in financial affairs and/or civil law.  At least one member's expertise should be more ministerial than financial in nature.  Each member is asked to serve a 3-year term. Terms officially commence on the first January 1 and expire on the last December 31 of each three-year term. Consecutive terms are limited to two terms and an absence of at least one full year is required before full-term eligibility resumes.  Click here to see the names and contact information of our current Finance Council members.

The Finance Council meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Dates, times, and locations of the meetings are announced in the Sunday bulletin.